Ultimate Guide To Men’s Winter Coats

As the colder months come around, it’s time to check the wardrobe to see if last year’s winter coat is still up to par. We know that trends come and go, so picking the right winter coat can save you time and money. Getting it right can mean a stylish winter coat that will last for many years.

With the different styles and materials available, it can be a task in itself to figure out which coat to go for.

Some of the winter coat designs we see today date back to the 1800s. The materials and manufacturing processes may have evolved, but the function of keeping us warm and dry remains the same.

Best Winter Coats For Men

So now it’s time to figure out which coat suits your style.

Keep reading to get to know your Parka from your Duffle.


Parka winter coat

The 1970s gave us the familiar snorkel parka we know today when it became popular with the general public—however, the origins of the parka date back to the 1930s.

The parka jacket often comes with a faux fur-lined hood; in some cases, the fur and hood can be detached.

This type of jacket can be worn with layers underneath.

With more function over style, expect this type of jacket to be less flattering than say an overcoat. However, the parka is at its best when the winter elements are in force.

Wear the parka with a nice thick chunky knit sweater. On the bottom finish it off with grey wool trousers and brown leather winter boots.


Puffer Jacket

The puffer has made a resurgence in recent years as a fashionable winter coat.

Popular in the 1990s amongst the rave and hip-hop cultures, this down jacket is versatile enough to wear with most styles of outfits.

Some puffer jackets do have hoods, which is a good choice for maximum versatility.

The popularity of the puffer jacket has seen it cover the spectrum of consumers. From the streetwear scene to commuters.

Varying in length, the puffer’s most popular styles generally sit just below the waist. For those who want to keep super toasty warm, opt for a shin-length jacket for that wrapped-in-a-duvet look.

Pair the jacket with a sweater or and roll-neck jumper. Jeans are a good choice on the bottom half or try some corduroy pants for extra style points. Finish with a pair of water-resistant outdoor sneakers or leather boots.


Shearling Coat

The shearling is a classic winter coat for the ultimate winter warmer.

Many shearling-style coats are also made with faux fur and synthetic materials. Opt for this style as an alternative to the real thing.

The shearling is a statement piece in itself, and pretty much takes centre stage in any outfit choice.

Layer the shearling with a cardigan or sweater and a simple t-shirt. Add some jeans and brown chukka boots or black chelsea boots to finish the look


Winter Coat

The silhouette of a tailored overcoat can make a man’s outfit.

The traditional overcoat should be form-fitting yet cater for layers to be worn underneath.

Wool or cashmere is the material of choice for this type of winter coat.

The versatility of the overcoat allows it to be an everyday wearer for the commute. Or donned to give the casual outfit a polished look.

Wear the overcoat over an oxford shirt. Add a cardigan for that extra layer underneath. Compliment the look with wool trousers. Finish the look with business casual shoes, such as oxfords or derby brogues.

Trench Coat

Trench coat

The trench coat has its history and origins going back to the first world war. It was worn by British and French soldiers back then but has since become a fashionable statement piece. The coat also has links back to the Burberry and Aquascutum brands.

Although it may not be the warmest of the winter coats, it is durable, breathable and most of all will keep you dry.

Add a roll-neck jumper and wool trousers to keep the cold weather at bay. For footwear add a pair of Chelsea boots.

The trench may be water resistant, but with no hood, you’ll need to keep an umbrella handy too.

Duffle Coat

Duffle coat

Deriving its name from Duffel a town in Belgium, the duffle is a well-designed good-looking winter coat.

With its toggle fastenings and wool blend, it adds a sophisticated style to any outfit. It’s a hard-wearing jacket that should stand the test of time during the colder seasons.

The silhouette of the jacket allows it to be worn over a suit for commuting. For the business casual look, add some oxford shoes chunky scarf. The trip to the office will have heads turning.

For a casual outing, add a pair of jeans and leather rustic boots. Layer a knit sweater underneath, and keep the neck warm with a chunky knit scarf. Now you’re all set for winter weather.

Technical Jacket

technical jacket

A good technical jacket should be durable stylish and made for the elements.

With its intended audience of mountaineers and hikers, the technical jacket also has its place on the everyday streetwear scene as a staple go-to item.

Opt for a technical jacket that is rainproof, warm, and insulated and it can serve as a winter jacket for years to come.

Ensure the fit is not too bulky but allows for some layering underneath. Wear with jeans and water-resistant sneakers for a casual streetwear look. Add a beanie for some extra style points.

Quilted Jacket

quilted winter coat

A quilted jacket is a lightweight alternative to the Puffer Jacket.

The quilted jacket offers warmth with a stylish silhouette.

Expect the down filling to be of good quality. The windproof and water-resistant layer is essential for the autumn/ fall months. This is a contemporary winter coat to add to your collection.

Layer the jacket with a simple t-shirt and shirt combination. Add some wool trousers or jeans down below and finish off with a pair of leather boots.

By: Stephen Antonio