Blue Jeans Combination Shirt Ideas for Men

Matching blue jeans with a suitable colour shirt can sometimes be a conundrum, especially with a multitude of shirts to choose from.

However, there is no need to worry; in this guide, we have you covered, giving you tips on how to style the blue jeans combination shirt outfit.

The great thing about the blue jeans matching shirt combination is that it can be worn dressed up or dressed down, depending on the occasion.

We’ll cover a range of shirt colours from white, black, and green all the way through to checked shirts and even denim, yes, double denim.

Blue jeans have a history linked to Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis , and to this day, the appeal of this item of clothing still remains popular. Blue Jeans matching shirt combinations will be part of men’s outfit choices so for now, let’s get to take a look at some ideas and options.

Best Blue Jeans Combination Shirt Ideas For Men

With a range of colours and styles to choose from, let’s start with the white shirt.

Blue Jeans Combination Shirt with a White Shirt

blue jeans combination shirt  white shirt

The white shirt paired with jeans is a classic combination. One of the main reasons this combination is a favourite is because of its adaptability. It can be worn as a casual everyday outfit, and it can be transformed into business casual attire or even worn out to a dinner date.

For more casual outings, opt for white trainers or sneakers. Accessorise with a hat in keeping with a casual theme; a trilby or baseball cap are good choices. A pair of loafers or desert boots are also worth considering with this outfit. 

Blue Jeans and Matching Black Shirt Combination

blue jeans combination shirt  denim shirt

We know that jeans work well with many colours, and by pairing it with a contemporary black shirt, you end up with a modern, stylish, bold look.

The black shirt provides a great base for layering with jeans. Add a denim jacket to create an understated yet impactful casual look. Remember to add some contrast for the top and bottom half when doing denim on denim.

Add trainers to keep the casual theme going, and cuff or even pinroll the jeans. Accessorise with a black watch.

Blue Jeans with Matching Light Blue Check Shirt

blue jeans combination shirt light blue shirt

Adding a check pattern into your wardrobe gives every man options when looking for casual options to wear with blue jeans. With a light blue check shirt, opt for light jeans to pull the look together with some colour coordination.

For styling options with this blue jeans combination shirt look, roll the sleeves for a relaxed, casual vibe, and accessorise with a hat such as a beanie or baseball cap. Wear the shirt over a white T-shirt and leave it untucked for an informal look. 

Blue Jeans Combination Shirt with a Green Shirt

blue jeans combination shirt green shirt

With a range of green shirts ranging from forest green to an earthy olive green, pairing them with blue jeans provides refreshing outfit options in your wardrobe.

Layering the shirt over a white t-shirt and adding white sneakers is a simple yet casual look suited for everyday wear. Keep the shirt untucked and pair it with a slim-fit or skinny-fit pair of jeans.

Blue Jeans with Pink Shirt Combination

blue jeans combination shirt pink shirt

Pink shirts portray a bold statement when paired with jeans; it gives confidence and individuality as it’s not the traditional colour pairing.

The denim style for this outfit can range from slim-fit jeans for a contemporary look to boot-cut jeans for a vintage feel. 

Finish this blue jeans combination shirt look with a silver watch or necklace to accessorise.

Blue Jeans Combination Shirt with a Blue Shirt

blue jeans combination shirt blue shirt

The blue shirt paired with jeans creates a monochromatic look that is balanced and stylish due to the different shades and textures. 

Blue shirts come in a range of shades, from sky blue to deep navy blue, so no matter what shade of denim you’re wearing, there are enough choices to create a contrasting outfit.

Go for a tailored fit to accentuate your body shape, but ensure it feels comfortable and not too tight. Cotton is a good choice, and chambray or linen offers alternatives.

For the feet, sneakers would be suited for casual events. Brown Chelsea boots or desert boots offer an earthy look to the blue.

Blue Jeans and Yellow Shirt Combination

blue jeans combination shirt yellow shirt

Combining blue jeans and a yellow shirt is a fashion statement and a vibrant and distinctive outfit choice. Pick the right shades with this ensemble and add some accessories, and you’re onto a winner.

Yellow shirts range from subdued pastels to bright yellow. With yellow’s brightness, adding a neutral-coloured layer, such as a blazer, can provide a balanced overall look.  Rolled-up sleeves offer a more casual appearance and would be suited for casual outings.

Opt for a lighter-coloured pair of blue jeans to keep the whole vibe of the outfit on the neutral side. Add some accessories, brown leather bracelets, to add an earthy touch to complement the yellow.

Blue Jeans with Matching Denim Shirt

blue jeans combination shirt denim shirt

Denim on denim is a look that can be pulled off by balancing the shades of denim on the top and bottom half. Think light wash vs dark wash or distressed and faded variants.

Go for a tailored fit when it comes to the shirt. A fitted denim shirt brings a contemporary, modern feel to the outfit. For footwear, brown leather boots or shoes work well with this ensemble. 

Add a brown leather belt to accessorise, and finish the look with brown leather wristbands or bracelets.

Blue Jeans Combination with a Striped Shirt

blue jeans combination shirt striped shirt

Striped shirts paired with jeans offer a mix of formality with an interplay of lines and colours. A slimmer-fitting shirt shows off the body and silhouette. Opt for a cotton shirt or even linen in the summer months. In the cooler months, layer with a plain-coloured t-shirt underneath and a blazer on top to offset the pattern.

The shade of the jeans is important too. Darker jeans will work with most striped shirts. Lighter-coloured jeans give off a more casual vibe.

Loafers are a good footwear choice for this outfit. Desert boots are an alternative and can add a sense of cool chic to the complete look.

Blue Jeans with a Matching Green and Blue Check Shirt

blue jeans combination shirt blue green check shirt

The green and blue check shirt adds a blend of earthy tones to the blue jeans shirt combination. With different types of check shirts to choose from gingham to buffalo, the plaid shirt works well with the blue and green duo of colours.

An underlayer of white or other plain T-shirt is a good option for this look.  Darker wash jeans tend to pair better with green and blue checks as they anchor the complete look. Fit wise for the jeans, slim fitting and regular fit give the look a relaxed feel.

For the feet, brown leather boots or shoes add to the earthy vibe of this look.

Blue Jeans Combination with a Red and Blue Check Shirt

blue jeans combination shirt blue red check shirt

Check shirts, when paired with jeans, add a sense of vibrancy to the complete look. The red and blue check-shirt blends warmth and coolness with the contrasting colours.  Check-wise, the plaid check shirt goes well with jeans, giving off a lumberjack-esque vibe, if you will.

Both darker and lighter-wash jeans are good choices for this outfit. Brown desert boots or chukka boots complement the overall look, while trainers or sneakers can add a casual finish to the outfit.


Are there specific types of shirts I should avoid pairing with jeans

Generally, highly formal shirts, like those with French cuffs or shiny materials, might clash with the casual nature of jeans. However, with the blue jeans combination shirt pairing mixing styles can sometimes lead to unique and impressive looks.

Can jeans be part of business casual attire?

Yes, they can. Opt for a dark wash, well-fitted pair of jeans without any rips or heavy distressing. Pair them with a button-up shirt, leather shoes, and perhaps a blazer to maintain a professional yet relaxed look.

How can I dress up in jeans for a date night or a special occasion?

Pair your jeans with a crisp shirt, possibly adding a sports jacket or blazer. Footwear plays a significant role with this blue jeans combination shirt look; consider loafers, brogues, or other formal shoes—Accessorise with a stylish watch or a pocket square to elevate the ensemble.

By: Stephen Antonio