Grey Pants Matching Shirt Combination For Men

Are you tired of the same old blue jeans and khaki routine? Let’s shake things up! Have you ever thought about adding some grey pants to your wardrobe? Yes, grey – just waiting to give more outfit options. 

Whether it’s a day in the office or a weekend away, these pants can be your secret weapon for making a style statement. 

Ready to discover how to make those grey pants work wonders for you?

Let’s dive into the art of creating perfect shirt and grey pants combinations that will elevate your style game!

Grey Pants Combination Shirt Colour Ideas For Men

Grey Pants Combination Shirt with White Shirt

grey pants white shirt

A white shirt paired with grey pants is a classic combination. Together, they portray a style of elegance and simplicity, making them a perfect fit for both professional settings and social occasions. 

Adding a brown leather belt breaks the monotony of the outfit.  Match the belt with a pair of brown leather shoes. Brogues, Chelsea boots or any other business casual shoe will work well with this outfit.

Grey Pants Combination with Black Shirt

grey pants black shirt

Combining grey pants with a black shirt creates a striking, modern, and sophisticated contrast. This pairing is ideal for social events and professional engagements. Black clothes also complement other colours too.

Transform the outfit with a blue blazer and white sneakers to elevate your style game.

Consider grey trousers with a check pattern to switch them up from plain pants—Accessorise with a leather wristband and watch.

Grey Pants Combination with Blue Shirt

grey pants blue shirt

Blue shirts and grey pants are a versatile pairing that works for many occasions.

Go for shades of light blue, which are ideal for summer outfits and can be worn all year round. A brown belt brings a casual element to the outfit, while a black belt may feel more formal.

Wear with leather shoes for a sophisticated look. Match the shoe colour to the belt colour to pull the outfit together. 

It’s a flexible choice that can adapt to any setting, from a casual lunch to an important business meeting.

Grey Pants Combination Shirt with Red Check Shirt

grey pants red check shirt

A red check shirt and grey jeans show a balanced look, perfect for casual events or weekend outings. It’s a vibrant choice that adds a splash of colour and personality to your outfit. 

The shirt can be layered over a white t-shirt to add some flexibility to the overall look. Keep the checks in check; don’t go too big or too small. Roll up the sleeves to keep the casual vibe of the look. Consider adding a denim jacket to complete the look.

Grey Pants Combination with Maroon Shirt

grey pants maroon shirt

The maroon shirt with grey pants pairing conveys a sense of elegant style, where you want to be stylish but not flashy.  Look

Opt for a well-fitting short-sleeved shirt. Add a leather belt, and for the feet, don a pair of dark brown loafers or brogues to complement the maroon shirt. 

Cropped trousers are the way to go to achieve a contemporary look. Finish the outfit with a leather watch. 

Grey Pants Combination Shirt with Denim Shirt

grey pants denim shirt

The denim shirt is a go-to item, giving this combo a laid-back yet put-together look. 

A light-wash denim shirt complements nicely with light grey chinos. Also, you can go for a darker grey to add some contrast.

The classic desert boot is the footwear of choice to add to this outfit; go for either a light or dark brown to provide depth to the look. For some style points, the denim shirt can be layered over a crew neck t-shirt.

A leather or elastic braided belt both look good with this outfit.


Can grey pants be worn for both casual and formal occasions?

Yes. Grey pants are incredibly versatile. Pair them with a white or black shirt for formal events, or choose a denim or checkered shirt for a more casual look. The key is in the styling and accompanying accessories.

What colour shirts go best with light grey pants?

Light grey pants are adaptable. They pair beautifully with soft colours like light blue, pink or even bolder shades like yellow. For a more understated look, white or pastel shades work wonderfully.

 How can I dress up grey pants for a formal event?

To dress up grey pants for a formal event, pair them with a crisp white shirt, a well-tailored blazer, and dress shoes like Oxfords. Accessorise with a leather belt and a sophisticated watch.

By: Stephen Antonio