How To Wear A Beanie Style Guide

The beanie is one of those items that once you’ve experienced its benefit in the colder months, it’s hard not to wear one when the temperature drops. They keep you all warm and toasty and can add that element of style to your outfit.

They’re not only for the winter months, beanies can serve you for most of the year.

Getting it right is all about how you style it. It’s also about the material and the colour to match and complement your outfit.

Another consideration is hairstyle and hair length. For those with short hair, the fisherman style and high-top style work well. For longer hairstyles, the slouchy beanie allows hair to hang loose. This avoids it from becoming bunched up inside the beanie.

The cuffed style is great for the winter months, although a recommendation is to opt for a ribbed version.  The bobble hat is also another consideration for the colder weather. It allows for versatility with its style and colour.

When it comes to materials go for good-quality wool.  Warmth and comfort are what you’re after when picking this winter accessory.

How to Style a Beanie for Men

If you want some inspiration, then read on.

Casual Beanie Style

Probably the easiest way to wear a beanie is with no cuff.

Pull the beanie up the forehead and tilt it slightly at an angle. Wear it above the eyebrows and cover the ears.

A thick cable knit wool material is the choice to go for in the winter months. Pair it with a great winter coat and chukka boots for that urban look. Another option is cashmere wool, worn with a chunky scarf and sweater.

Go for a cotton material to pull off this look in the milder months, and stick to wool for when the temperature drops.

Cuffed Beanie

The cuffed beanie is one of the most versatile to wear. With just one roll needed, wear it above the eyebrows and cover the tops of the ears.

Pick a darker tone and pair it with a scarf, chunky sweater and a stylish winter coat for the winter months.

Go for a wool blend knitted material, or even cashmere. The ribbed style beanie adds that subtle element of cool to the rest of the outfit.

During the milder months be more adventurous with the colour choice. A neutral earthy tone with a ribbed pattern goes well with sweaters.

Fisherman Style Beanie

black fisherman beanie

Wearing the beanie in the fisherman style involves adding at least one cuff to the beanie. It should sit above the ears and eyebrows.

With its versatility, this style suits many different types of outfits. Pair it with denim jackets and winter coats. Be bold with a style choice and colour. Know that the fisherman beanie will seriously level up your game in the style stakes. As Vice reported, they were spotted in London being worn 50 times in just 3 hours!

A ribbed version in any colour can works together with a casual outfit. The fisherman beanie was adopted by the hipster crowd but can be worn by any style-conscious connoisseur.

A ribbed wool texture is great for the autumn and winter months. Go for cotton in the milder months.

Slouch Beanie

slouch beanie
slouch beanie

A slouchy beanie is perfect for guys with longer locks, It provides room for those extra tufts of hair. The fit should cover the ears and show the eyebrows.

The extra material at the back should be left to fall. Then add two or three folds of fabric at the back to give it the slouchy style. This gives a casual laid-back look.

Pair with jeans and a t-shirt for the milder months. For the colder weather add a winter jacket and sweater and wool trousers. Finish the look with a pair of leather boots.

This type of beanie was popular with the skater crowd and worn by celebrities in the early noughties.

Material wise go for cashmere with a ribbed stitch. It provides comfort softness and warmth.

Lightweight cotton is a perfect alternative for the milder months.

High Top Beanie

The high-top beanie is a current staple for the fashion crowd and is popular with a hipster set and streetwear scene.

To pull this off, it has to sit above the ears, and perched on top of the head with a single cuff.

This style suits both long hair and short hair. Pair it with an outfit that has a utilitarian feel and you can’t go wrong with a high-top beanie.

The extra material on top adds an extra style element.

A ribbed wool material allows for the structured look of the high top.

The Bobble Hat

The bobble hat is a chunky knit hat with a pom pom, often called a pom pom beanie hat. They are generally worn with a cuff but can be worn without a cuff.

The material is typically a thick-knit wool and often has some sort of pattern.

Style-wise the bobble hat has the flexibility to be worn with different outfits.

Feel free to experiment with patterned winter jackets and add layers to complement the style of the hat.

By: Stephen Antonio