How To Wear a Denim Jacket Style Guide For Men

The denim jacket, aka the trucker jacket, is a timeless garment. Its versatility is understated.  The jacket can be used as a layering garment and also as a statement piece in itself.

To put a denim jacket outfit together, you need to consider the garments to pair it with. Can it be worn with an overcoat? Will it work with a beanie?  Does it go with light denim or distressed denim?  Well, in fact, all the above are valid points.

Knowing which garments to pair it with is what this article will help with.

Denim Jacket With A Flannel Shirt

Denim and Flannel are a good combination, as they complement each other as hard-wearing garments.

The plaid flannel pairs well with denim as it has a worn-in look. A quality flannel shirt will provide warmth on a cooler day, and a well-fitting denim jacket adds the aesthetic to complete the look.

Add a white t-shirt and dark denim jeans, then complete the look with white sneakers or brown desert boots.

Denim on Denim

denim jacket

Wearing double denim is becoming more common. With fashion trends ever-changing, there is no rule to state that a full denim outfit cannot work.

Keep the shades of denim different from the jacket to the jeans. More importantly, make sure the fit is right. The jacket and jeans should have a similar fit.

Pair the jacket with a plain sweater or t-shirt and opt for dark brown leather boots to finish the look. You’re good to go.

Denim Jacket With A Hoodie

denim jacket

A denim jacket and hoodie are perfect for that casual streetwear look. Ensure the jacket is roomy enough for the hoodie to be layered under it.

Add a plain t-shirt as an extra layer under the hoodie. Go for a solid colour hoodie and avoid logos. Greys and greens are good choices. 

Sneakers would be the obvious choice for footwear. Chelsea boots are a good alternative to sneakers for a casual outdoor look.

Light Denim

A light denim jacket is a perfect jacket for the warmer weather months.  The lighter denim is best paired with darker jeans, chinos or trousers. 

Keep the bottom half of the outfit darker than the top half, it helps, although not essential. A black t-shirt adds contrast to the jacket and compliments the look.

Footwear-wise, add a pair of leather sneakers. Avoid logos on all aspects of the outfit and accessorise with a bracelet and chain. 

Denim Jacket With An Overcoat

The overcoat works great as a sleek winter jacket. Pair it with a denim jacket layered underneath and it looks effortlessly cool.

The key to this combination is having a denim jacket that is fitted enough to wear underneath the coat. Then layer again with a shirt or plain t-shirt.

Team the outfit with jeans and leather sneakers or boots. The silhouette of the overcoat, adds that touch of sophistication to the look.

Distressed Denim Jacket

denim jacket

The distressed denim jacket is not your everyday trucker jacket. More for the fashion-conscious, this jacket style lends itself to making a statement.

As denim jackets age, they look better and gain character. If you’re short on time get a ready-made distressed one.

To make this look work, layer with a simple white t-shirt. Dark jeans will add contrast to the jacket, and opt for a pair of white sneakers.

Denim Jacket With A White Tee

Wearing a white t-shirt with a denim jacket is the classic look we’ve all seen in movies, and for good reason. It works. 

This simple look requires the right jacket and t-shirt pairing. Go for a well-fitted jacket and t-shirt that complement each other. 

The t-shirt can be tucked or untucked. Lengthwise should sit no lower than just below the waist. For footwear go for sneakers, desert boots or chelsea boots.

Denim Jacket With A Leather Jacket

The denim and leather jacket combo is not only reserved for celebrities and stylists. To get it right, pick a leather jacket that allows for layering and is well-fitted.  A tan or black biker-style leather jacket works well for this look

Layering the denim under the leather exudes the rich contrast of the materials.

Wear it with a shirt or t-shirt and jeans. Add some black or tan chukka boots to finish the look.

Denim Jacket With A Beanie

To add a level of hipster chic to your denim jacket, simply add a beanie fisherman’s style.

As well as keeping you warm the beanie adds texture and colour to the outfit.

Keep the beanie in an earthy tone to compliment the blue hue of the denim. Add a plain simple t-shirt. For leg wear, both jeans or chinos are good options.  Wear with sneakers for a comfortable casual look or brogues to smarten the look.

Denim Jacket With A Shirt

Want to go for a smarter look?  Try a shearling denim jacket and a white oxford shirt. This combo is one for the cooler months. Go for a darker jacket to add contrast to the white shirt, and pair it with jeans and a belt.

The jacket length should be no longer than waist height, and make sure it is form-fitting.

It can be tempting to wear a size too big, so make sure the fit is right.  For leg wear, jeans or dark-toned chinos are good options. Complete the look with a pair of tan brogues or chukka boots.

By: Stephen Antonio