The Ultimate Summer Outfit Styles For Men

It’s that time of the year. The sun is out and you need an outfit that is on point to match the sunny vibes.  That beach trip beckons, barbecues and picnics are happening.

Getting the summer outfit right comes down to picking items you can mix and match which keep you cool.

Shorts are obvious choice for a summer outfit. Let’s not forget that light denim jeans, chinos and linen trousers should be options in your wardrobe too.

Linen and cotton garments should be your go-to choice of material.  They act as that breathable layer in the summer heat. Keep that in mind when picking outfits.

Neutral colours are great for the summer outfit arsenal. Opt for white, khaki, olive green and earthy tones. Throw in some cool blues for some balance.  A print shirt is good to add into the mix.

Allow for interchangeable items in your summer outfit wardrobe, they will last as trends come and go.

Mens Summer Fashion

Keep reading and find out what garments you need to be in this summer.

Summer Outfit Shorts

Summer shorts
Summer Shorts

When it comes to shorts keep it simple. Just above the knee is the right length. Avoid baggy-style shorts, they generally don’t compliment your legs.

Most types of shorts are good for summer outfits. Go for neutral tones as they work in most social settings. Staying with toned-down colours will allow you to interchange the shorts with other garments. As a general rule of thumb stay away from patterned or print shorts unless heading to the beach.

Keep the material lightweight.  Match a pair of chino shorts with a t-shirt or even a cotton button-up shirt.  Linen shorts add a touch of sophistication to the outfit and complement a linen shirt.

When it comes to the footwear department, a pair of white leather sneakers are perfect for wearing with shorts. For a smarter look opt for monk shoes, espadrilles or suede loafers

Summer Outfit Smart Casual

Smart Casual outfit
Smart casual outfit

During the summer months, we don’t want to forsake our smart casual looks due to the heat.

Keeping garments tailored and tapered is the key to creating a smart casual summer outfit.

The smart casual dress code needs to be lightweight and versatile.

For the commute to the office, where a business casual outfit is called for, opt for a tailored suit. Add a cotton shirt, polo shirt or smart t-shirt. Finish off with a pair of leather loafers, brogues or business casual shoes.

When heading out for dinner on a cool summer evening, chinos and a nice cotton shirt are the summer outfits of choice.

White Jeans are a great alternative to chinos in the summer, again ensuring they’re tapered. No oversized or baggy jeans this summer.

Wear them without socks and add a pair of smart sneakers ideally without a logo. Espadrilles. are also a good choice. Don a cotton shirt or polo shirt to keep the look chic and moving.

Keep the colour palette neutral and where you can opt for a minimalist style.  

Smart casual doesn’t have to be boring in the summer.  Be sure to mix and match items and keep the fit tailored and tapered.

Linen Shirt 

Linen Shirt
Linen Shirt

A linen shirt should be in every man’s summer outfit wardrobe.

They are light and breathable due to their natural fibre makeup.

Creasing and crinkles add character to linen garments. Colour-wise stick to a neutral palette and earthy tones.

The fit should be loose, and flattering to your body shape.

Pair the shirt with linen shorts for a put-together look. Chino shorts are an alternative.  Add a pair of suede loafers or even leather sneakers to finish the look.

Both chinos and linen trousers pair well with a linen shirt. Stick to neutral tones such as greys, khaki and earthy-toned greens for the bottom half of the outfit.

Summer Outfit Beach Style

Beach outfit
Beach Outfit

Packing garments for a day out on the beach should be simple, but it’s not always the case when choosing a summer outfit.

Starting with footwear opt pair of leather sandals, flip-flops or even lightweight sneakers

Shorts are pretty much a given for the beach.

For lounging on the beach or cooling off in the sea you’ll need a pair of swim shorts. The fit should be around mid-thigh height.

Both plain shorts and patterned shorts work well for the beach.

A pair of chino shorts are an option when having drinks at the bar or heading out for lunch.  Pair the sheet chino shorts with A cotton shirt or polo shirt.

Finally, add a pair of sunglasses to finish the look. Accessorise with a leather bracelet or necklace

Print Shirt

Print Shirt
Print Shirt

Print shirts no longer have to be the oversized Hawaiian style of the 70s and 80s. A well-fitted print shirt is perfect for the summer outfit wardrobe.

When wearing a long sleeve print shirt,  ensure the cuffs are rolled up. The shirt should have a good fit around the shoulders.

Opt for a print shirt that contains some lighter shades, such as white or cream. Wear with white denim jeans to keep a sense of colour coordination.

Short-sleeved print shirts work well with shorts, linen trousers, chinos and jeans. 

Keep the bottom half of the outfit in a lighter hue, in keeping with the summer vibes. 

Accessorise with a bucket hat for the hot days. For the footwear add a pair of espadrilles or white leather sneakers

Summer Outfit Pants

Summer pants
Summer pants

Even during the summertime some guys still prefer to wear jeans and chinos as part of their summer outfit.

Linen trousers are a good alternative to chinos or jeans during the summer months.

Keep the colours on the lighter side. Chose a white or beige bottom half as it can act as an anchor to the top half of the outfit.

Both dark and light shirts work well with lighter jeans or chinos.

Add a pair of loafers for a smarter look or white leather sneakers for a casual vibe.

By: Stephen Antonio