How To Build A Minimalist Wardrobe For Men

When we think of minimalism, it conjures images of clean lines, white spaces, and ‘less is more. The concept of a minimalist wardrobe for men translates to quality items, multi-purpose garments and neutral tones providing versatility.

An important aspect of a minimalist wardrobe is to ensure it contains garments that can be interchangeable.

What is Capsule Wardrobe?

A capsule wardrobe consists of a collection of items that can be mixed and matched, and worn for any occasion. Having a limited number of pieces that would not go out of fashion is another consideration.

It does not mean a capsule wardrobe should be boring. It means that the capsule collection allows for versatility and simplicity. The end game is to make shopping for clothes easier. 

The items put together in your capsule wardrobe should be of high quality. The idea is to buy items that last longer and fit nicely with the existing collection.

One of the ways to get started with a capsule wardrobe is to take stock of where your wardrobe is right now.

It may consist of various garments that have accumulated over time based on the latest trends. Yet, as a collection, you wouldn’t see it as a cohesive wardrobe.

The decision to move to a capsule wardrobe is the first step in curating a collection to make your life easier. However, it will take time to transition to a structured capsule wardrobe. 

Decide on the type of clothes that fit your style and the palette of colours you would like to start wearing.

Next look at which items you haven’t worn for a long time. Do they fit with the style of the capsule wardrobe you are trying to create? If not, then start to transition those items out of the wardrobe. This will begin to make space for items in your new collection.

To help you get an idea of the items which may work for you, this  guide will assist in building your minimalist capsule wardrobe:


Crew Neck

The t-shirt is the staple item in the capsule wardrobe. It’s best to stick with 2 or 3 muted colours, we suggest white, black or dark forest green.  These combinations work for all seasons and easily mix and match with other items.

They are also super adaptable to be layered under other garments.

white t shirt

Polo shirts

The polo shirt provides a perfect mix of casual style with a simple look yet classy. Keep the colour neutral with the rest of the minimalist wardrobe. Find a fit to compliment the silhouette of your body shape. Stay away from the baggy oversized style.

The polo shirt can work with chinos, shorts, jeans, blazers, sneakers and formal shoes.

Polo shirt


A good sweatshirt can be worn as an extra layer during the evenings of warmer months and also worn as an essential item during the cooler months. Go for an unstructured logo free look.



When it comes to wool knitwear, look for one with a zip neck.  The versatility of the zip neck means it can be worn open with a plain t-shirt or a collared shirt. The zipped-up option gives a look of a roll-neck jumper. Perfect for the cooler weather.


Formal Shirt

Even though the formal shirt is typically worn with a suit, it can be paired with chinos or even jeans for that business casual look. A white slim-fit shirt with a cut-away collar can be worn without a tie, and still make you look sharp.

formal shirt


A casual pair of chinos is versatile enough to be worn for smart occasions and yet look good for a casual outing too.

Perfect for a summer outfit or business casual attire.   Opt for a dark colour for evening wear or the office. Stick to khaki or a lighter tone for the summer days. Chinos are a staple item for your minimalist wardrobe.

chino minimalist wardrobe


When it comes to jeans, go for a midnight blue wash. The darker the look the more versatility and choice you’ll have for matching with other items.

Jeans can be paired with an overcoat, blazer, sweatshirt, dress shirt, blazer and both formal and informal footwear. White sneakers or tan formal shoes work well with dark jeans.




The overcoat can be worn in both informal and business casual settings. The fit and tailoring of a good wool overcoat can provide a flattering silhouette. We suggest a dark colour to give that streamlined look.


Rain Jacket

The rain jacket can be a tailored piece or a more casual jacket. Whichever form the jacket takes, it needs to keep you dry in a shower and stand the test the time as fashion trends come and go.

Opt for a trench coat for the tailored silhouette or a breathable shell hooded jacket for weekend outings.

Shell Jacket


The casual blazer is versatile enough to be worn with multiple pieces in your minimalist wardrobe. It can work with a plain t-shirt, a formal shirt, jeans, chinos, sneakers and formal shoes. Opt for a good quality wool grey and it will last for years to come.

minimalist wardrobe - blazer


Formal Shoes

A pair of oxfords or brogues are an essential item for the minimalist wardrobe. The perfect footwear for formal occasions and for the business casual setting. Black is a wise choice for those formal occasions. A tan or brown colour is perfect for casual events.


Casual Shoes

Running shoes

A pair of quality running shoes can be used every day and provide the stability, comfort and breathability needed for your feet. Go for a neutral colour, and rock them with jeans, chinos, or shorts. And of course, an essential item for your gym bag.

Running Sneakers

White Sneakers

White sneakers have a timeless appeal, that allows them to survive the passing fashion trends. The versatility of the white sneaker enables it to look good with any item in the minimalist wardrobe.


A good pair of leather boots are an item every man should have in his footwear arsenal.

Generally, brown or tan boot adds an element of style for the colder months. Be sure to work with the neutral hues with the rest of your minimalist wardrobe.

Leather boots


For those formal occasions when a suit is required, we recommend it to be dark navy and tailored.

A fitted suit can be dressed up with a formal shirt, an overcoat or dressed down with some white sneakers for a casual look. It’s an essential item to have in your minimalist wardrobe.

By: Stephen Antonio