Shirt and T-Shirt Combination For Men

The shirt and T-shirt combination is both a fashionable and comfortable choice when you’re looking for a simple yet stylish outfit.

This versatile duo allows you to express your unique style with a number of possibilities of textures, colours, and patterns.  

You can effortlessly look stylish wherever you go, from classic white tees under denim shirts to more vibrant patterns paired with neutral bases. 

Shirt and T-Shirt Combination Styles For men

With these tips and outfit inspiration, you can confidently incorporate this trend into your wardrobe.

Denim Shirt and T-shirt Combination

Denim Shirt and T-shirt combination

The pairing of a white T-shirt and denim shirt is a classic look with universal appeal. It is an effortlessly cool-looking combo.

The white T-shirt provides a blank canvas as a base layer, whilst the denim adds contrast and depth to the look. Not to mention, the white T-shirt has had some iconic moments on the big screen.

The fit of the T-shirt can range from fitted to regular fit. The denim shirt should be relaxed but not oversized. 

For the bottom half, go for khaki chinos or dark jeans. Add some white sneakers or desert boots to finish the look.

Red and Gold Check Shirt and T-Shirt Combination

A black T-shirt paired with a red and gold plaid shirt creates a bold and vibrant look. The contrast in colours gives the combination a stand-out look. This pairing works best with the unbuttoned shirt and the sleeves rolled up.

The T-shirt should be form-fitting around the shoulders and not too baggy. The plaid shirt can fit slightly loosely. 

Opt for light-coloured or khaki chinos to coordinate with the gold stripes on the plaid shirt. Accessorise with a black leather bracelet or silver watch.

Add some leather chukka boots or suede desert boots to complete the look.

Gold and Blue Check Shirt and T-Shirt Combination

The pairing of a blue and gold checked shirt and a white T-shirt is bold and gives a relaxed, cool vibe. The white T-shirt should be well-fitted and snug yet comfortable around the shoulders. 

Keep the shirt unbuttoned for a casual look; alternatively, button up the shirt and leave the top two buttons undone for a relaxed yet neater style. 

This look can work with light or dark jeans or chinos. Add some brown leather sneakers to complement the gold accents in the shirt. 

Blue and Green Check Shirt and T-Shirt Combination

The green T-shirt paired with a blue and green checked shirt gives off a down-to-earth, nature-inspired vibe. The T-shirt should be a regular fit, fitting well on the shoulder and arms. 

With shades of green, look for one that best compliments your skin tone.

In keeping with the relaxed style of this outfit, the shirt looks best unbuttoned.  

Light denim jeans add a nice contrast to the top half. Slim or skinny jeans work well in the overall look of this outfit.

Footwear-wise, white canvas or leather sneakers add the finishing touch.

Brown Check Shirt and T-Shirt Combination

The cream T-shirt and shirt show off a subtle, neutral colour palette that’s easy to put together. The cream T-shirt provides a soft base layer for this stylish look.

Both the T-shirt and shirt should be a relaxed fit. 

Keeping the shirt unbuttoned in this pairing allows the continuity of colour to flow effortlessly.

On the bottom half, go for a pair of light-coloured jeans or light-coloured chinos. Choose som light-coloured desert boots or white sneakers to complete the outfit.

Green Shirt and T-Shirt Combination

The green shirt and cream T-shirt combination suits those looking for a neutral palette and a refined yet relaxed look. 

Layering the shirt, it can be left undone for that carefree look or buttoned up for a sharper look.

With the green shirt, a pastel shade of green works best with a cream T-shirt. Rolling the sleeves adds to this outfit’s casual appeal; it’s practical and comfortable in warm weather.

Slim-fit denim jeans would be the choice for the bottom half, with some white leather sneakers to finish the look.


How do I choose the right shirt to wear over a T-shirt?

Look for a breathable and slightly looser shirt. Choose between casual or formal options depending on the occasion. 

What type of T-shirt works best for this combination? 

Crew neck or V-neck T-shirts in solid colours work best. Avoid T-shirts with too much branding or busy patterns. 

What’s the best way to layer a T-shirt and shirt in hot weather?

Opt for lightweight, breathable fabrics. Wear a loose-fitting shirt open over the T-shirt.

 How do I ensure my T-shirt and shirt combination doesn’t look sloppy?

Ensure both layers are well-fitted and choose complementary colours and patterns.

By: Stephen Antonio