What Colours Go With Black Clothes?

What can we say about black clothes? They are sophisticated, timeless, and should have a place in every man’s wardrobe. That being said, having a pair of black jeans or a black t-shirt doesn’t mean a man can dress with style. It’s knowing how to wear the clothes and what they go well with to make the outfit work for you.

From streetwear to weddings, and all throughout the seasons, black clothes have a versatility unmatched by any other.

When it comes to matching black clothes with other colours, is where this article can help you. Some easier combinations, like black with white, may be easy to pull off. But some men may be put off when it comes to the less common colours.

Granted, with the less common colours the outfit choices may be limited. But hey, don’t let that stop you from experimenting with a new style.

Keep reading to find out what colours go with black clothes.

Black and Red

Whilst red is not the most obvious choice to pair with black, it can work well if styled right.

A look to go for would be fitted black jeans and a white t-shirt layered with a red plaid flannel shirt. The red and black scheme in the flannel shirts complements the black jeans.

Alternatively a black t-shirt with a red jacket paired with blue or black jeans works well too. Add a pair of black or white sneakers to round off the look.


Black with black can look great if you get it right. With an all-monochrome outfit, the key is to add different texture materials. Adding some contrast gives dimension and style to what otherwise would be a boring outfit.

Getting the fit right is essential, so look for garments which complement your body type.

Wearing all black will emphasise the silhouette of the outfit. Try different styles and pick the one you’re comfortable with.

A go-to casual outfit is to pair black jeans with a simple fitted black cotton t-shirt. Keep the footwear in keeping with the rest of the outfit so stick to black sneakers. Add a well-fitted jacket to finish off the look.

Black and Grey

The great thing about grey clothes is that they can be worn on the top or bottom half with other black clothes. Whether it be dark or light grey, the contrast with black clothes can work well.

A styling tip is to add a touch of white, which can pull the outfit together.

Outfit options would be a grey t-shirt paired with black jeans. Finish with white sneakers or black Chelsea boots.

Alternatively, try black pants with a white shirt, and add a grey cardigan and white sneakers.

Black and Green

Green garments can work well alongside black clothes. Simplicity is the key to this combination.

Keeping the garments to green and black will help you pull off this style.

Go for tapered green cargo pants if opting to wear green on the bottom half. Add a fitted black t-shirt and white sneakers.

Another option would be black jeans, with an olive green sweater. Complete the look with a pair of black Chelsea boots.

Black and White

Black and white when paired together are a classic combination. When worn together most outfits give off a simple and clean aesthetic. Perfect for a minimalist style.

A white t-shirt or long sleeve henley shirt, along with a black jacket and jeans is the way to wear this combo. Add a pair of black Chelsea boots or white sneakers.

White on the bottom half and black on the top are less common. To pull this look off, wear a pair of white fitted jeans with a form-fitting black t-shirt. Wear with white sneakers and accessorise with a bracelet.

Black and Blue

The easiest blue garment to pair with black is blue denim.

Blue jeans with a black leather jacket is a classic look. Throw a white t-shirt into the mix and you’re all set. Finish the outfit with tan boots. Go for leather chukka boots or suede desert boots to complete the outfit.

Another option is to wear black jeans, with a black or white t-shirt. Add a light blue denim jacket or denim shirt. Brown desert boots or white sneakers work with this outfit.

Black and Purple

black clothes

While it may not be the first choice of colour to pair with black clothes, shades of purple can look good. Opt for a darker pastel shade of purple. Mauve has been a popular choice for men.

Match a hoodie or sweater with a black jacket. Wear with jeans and white sneakers to complete the look.

Another look is a purple hoodie with black jogging pants. Combine it with a white t-shirt underneath and white sneakers. Add a beanie and layer the hoodie with a black jacket to coordinate with the outfit.

Black and Brown

Wearing black and brown requires some effort to coordinate the outfit well. The black garments will anchor the outfit, whilst the brown will act as a top layer.

A black t-shirt or black jeans provide the foundation items. For the colder months layer them with a brown winter jacket such as a suede shearling or bomber jacket.

In the summer months wear a pair of black shorts, with a brown short-sleeved cotton shirt. Add a white t-shirt underneath. Complete the look with white sneakers or black leather sandals.

Black and Pink

Pink hoodie

Pink may not be a colour in most men’s wardrobes, but it has its place in men’s fashion.

As a bold colour, pink works well with black clothes. It provides contrast and allows the black clothes to balance the outfit.

With various shades of pink to choose from, go for a pastel shade of pink.

A pink sweatshirt or hoodie can be worn with black jeans. Add a black jacket as a layering piece if the weather calls for it. White or black sneakers are good options for this look.


What colours pair best with black clothing for a classic look?

Neutrals like white and grey, can give the outfit a timeless classic look

Can I add a pop of colour to black outfits?

Yes, incorporating vibrant shades such as red, blue, or yellow can create a striking contrast.

Is it fashionable to wear black-on-black outfits?

Yes, the key is to incorporate different textures of clothing to add dimension and depth to your look.

By: Stephen Antonio