What Colours Go With Grey Clothes?

Grey has established itself as a wardrobe essential. It’s a timeless and versatile alternative to classic black and white. A versatile colour that works well with neutral tones, grey, white, beige, and black work well together to create timeless and sophisticated looks.

Brighter colours like green, pink, yellow, red, and pastels provide eye-catching pops of colour when combined with grey clothes. It’s important to choose shades that complement each other for a cohesive outfit.

So what colours go with grey clothes? This blog post explores some colour combinations that can elevate your outfit. No matter if you’re going for a casual, workday look or dressing up for date night. Read our guide to find out what works in your wardrobe when you’re not sure what to wear with a grey colour palette.


Grey Clothes - white Shirt

Adding white to your grey ensemble is a great way to create a polished and put-together look. Both neutral colours are versatile, allowing for effortless mixing and matching.

Consider the grey colour palette that suits you best when creating combinations of white and grey clothing. For instance, tuck a crisp white shirt  into high-waisted charcoal pants for a sleek, monochromatic look. Add interest with scarves or sweaters.


Grey Clothes - Green Jumper

Green is a versatile colour in fashion, especially in men’s wardrobe choices. Pairing green with shades of grey creates eye-catching combinations that work for casual wear and formal attire.

Brighter hues, such as emerald and subtler shades like olive or sage green harmonise well with light and dark grey clothes. Combine an olive-green sweater over a tailored grey blazer paired with jeans. Evoke effortless sophistication suitable for office settings or weekend brunches. colour matching elevates your style. So explore different hues of grey and green to stay on top of current fashion trends.


Grey Clothes -Blue

In fashion styling, blue is a versatile colour that pairs well with grey. This classic combination exudes a sense of calm and sophistication. When pairing shades of blue with grey clothes, incorporating bright blues can elevate a neutral outfit. 

The union of these two colours creates contrast and visual harmony. This business casual chic work outfit consists of a charcoal grey business jacket matched with a crisp white button-down shirt and indigo denim jeans. Casual wear that goes from business to pleasure with ease. Yes, please.


Grey suit pink shirt

When it comes to clothing, pink is a versatile colour that pairs well with various other shades, including grey. This combination creates a classic yet romantic look that is perfect for any occasion.

Apart from grey, numerous other colours go well with pink clothes. For example, white produces a clean and crisp appearance alongside the bright shade of pink.

Fashion trends may change over time; however, some classic combinations are timeless – like wearing a modish grey suit with a skinny black tie and adding a pink oxford shirt. Layer textures and colours to find your style. 


Grey jacket with beige pants

Beige is a versatile neutral colour that pairs well with cooler shades like grey. It also complements warm colours, making it an ideal warm-tone neutral to offset cooler greys and blacks.

This combination of khakis and a white tee shirt under an understated grey sports jacket creates a classically casual look. Beige and grey are a go-to colour combination that’s easy to add to your wardrobe.


grey jeans and black t-shirt

The ultimate neutral colour, black works with grey clothes. A monochrome look that exudes sophistication, when it comes to fashion basics, black is always in style. Pair skinny jeans and a fitted black t-shirt to bring understated ease to a casual outfit. Black clothes also work with many other colours.


grey tank top and yellow shorts

Yellow is bright and cheerful and can be paired with grey clothing to create bold, eye-catching outfits. When styling yellow clothing, choose the right shade of grey to complement the overall look. A grey tank and yellow shorts create a striking statement-making contrast. Adding yellow to your wardrobe is on-trend and adds cheerfulness to your daily fashion choices.


Grey trousers and red shirt

Bold and bright red is a standout with grey. A classic colour combination in the fashion industry due to its versatility, when it comes to pairing red with grey, you have plenty of options. Neutral colours like white or black can be used as a base alongside the more vibrant red and grey hues. Earthy tones like brown also work well with this classic combo, creating a cohesive look perfect for fall, or any season, for that matter.

Whether you’re looking for a bold and daring outfit or something that exudes sophistication and class, rest assured, red and grey clothes deliver high levels of style!


Pastel hues create a beautiful contrast with the neutral shades of grey, making for a fashionable outfit. Furthermore, pastels can be worn all year round – not just in the spring. Layering is key when dressing for cooler weather, so incorporating a pastel-coloured scarf or sweater over your grey shirt adds warmth and style. To complete the look, consider adding ties, scarves, or pocket squares. That will help tie together your entire outfit and let you incorporate additional colours.

In summary

Grey clothes can be a fun and exciting way to transform your wardrobe. Whether you’re going for an eye-catching look or a more subtle outfit, there are endless possibilities when it comes to mixing and matching with a grey colour palette.

Experiment with different shades of neutral tones like beige or brown, add a pop of colour with red or yellow or go classic with black and white combinations. Remember to use the guidelines in this article as inspiration while still staying true to your personal style.

By: Stephen Antonio