What Colours Go With Khaki?

What’s the deal with Khaki clothes? They not the most obvious choice of clothing to keep in the wardrobe, but they do in fact pair well with other colours, other than the obvious white.

Have you considered the variety of colours that can blend smoothly with khaki, creating a look that’s both cool and stylish? It’s high time we dive deep into the world of khaki.

‘Khaki’ is a term borrowed from the Persian word for ‘dust.’ Originally, khaki was the colour of the uniforms for British soldiers stationed in India.It has now grown into a must-have item for anyone serious about their fashion. 

The thing about khaki that really sets it apart is its wide range—from light, sandy shades to darker, richer tones, each reminding us of the earth. This variety lets khaki blend beautifully with so many different colours, making it an essential part of any fashionable wardrobe.

We’ll look into the timeless look of khaki and white, the modern combo of khaki and black. Each mix is perfect for a different mood and occasion, whether it’s the bold and exciting burgundy, the cool and calm light blue, or the simple and sleek grey.


Blue and khaki is a classic combination. Simply choose a blue shirt and team it with khaki pants, and let it craft a sophisticated casual look. Cuff the pants and add some navy boat shoes or blue sneakers to colour coordinate and pull the look together. It even works well with a denim jacket.

The cool undertone of blue gives khaki its shine without overshadowing it. The balance makes this combination a versatile go-to for a relaxed weekend look.


khaki and grey jacket

If you’re looking to create a minimalist wardrobe then the pairing of grey and khaki should be on your radar. 

Pairing a  grey blazer with smart khaki trousers gives off a well-put-together look and keeps it minimalist. This is a great option for a business casual outfit. Add a white shirt or T-shirt to keep the colours muted. 

Grey, with its subdued tone, creates a classic favourite for men who appreciate subtle style.


khaki and black outfit

If you’re feeling a bit bold, why not try out black and khaki?

Sporting a sleek black top with khaki pants is an ensemble that definitely stands out. With the stark contrast of black’s intensity against khaki’s softer tone, you’re creating a sense of daring sophistication. 

This black and khaki combination can refresh your traditional looks and add a dynamic edge to your wardrobe. Simply combine a black shirt with khaki pants and add a pair of espadrilles or black sneakers to finish the look.


khaki and white outfit

White and khaki is a perfect combination because it is so adaptable. Match a crisp white shirt with comfortable khaki shorts or trousers to create an outfit that’s light and airy, perfect for the milder days. White enhances khaki’s natural hue, resulting in a style that is efforlesslt cool. 

This combo could be a go-to for a comfortable, easy-going summer vibe, whether at work or for casual events.


khaki and green outfit

Pairing Green with Khaki creates a calming vibe to any outfit. Style a green fleece or sweater with khaki cargo pants or shorts to achieve a look that’s relaxed and comfortable. Add a T-shirt and sneakers to complete the outfit.

The earthy undertones of green blend seamlessly with khaki’s nature-inspired hues, If comfort and style are your priority, this green and khaki combination is perfect for you.


khaki and burgundy outfit

If you’re looking to create contrast and style whilst creating an outfit that sets you apart, Burgundy and Khaki are the way to go. 

Layer a brown blazer over a burgundy knit sweater and combine khaki pants and brown works boots to create a statement look. This burgundy and khaki combo is perfect for a sophisticated autumn look. 

Burgundy’s deep, rich hue provides a striking contrast to khaki’s subtle tone, creating a look that’s both bold and sophisticated.


khaki and cream outfit

Combining cream and khaki offers a soothing type of  aesthetic.  Think minimalism and cool.

Try pairing a cream jacket or sweater with khaki shorts and an earthy green shirt for laid back and chic look. Add a pair of brown sneakers or boat shoes for that extra earthy style element.  Khaki shorts are great for the summer months.

The cream, with its gentle shade, enhances khaki’s natural hue. 

Even though Khaki may not be a dominant colour in you wardrobe, it’s far from boring. It can add a sense of calm to your outfit choices and still l allow you to create your unique style narrative.


What colours go best with khaki?

Khaki is a highly versatile colour that pairs well with a variety of colours. Popular combinations include blue, grey, black, white, green, burgundy, and cream. Each of these colours brings a unique touch to khaki and can create a range of looks, from relaxed casual to polished formal.

Can I wear khaki for formal occasions?

Absolutely! While khaki is often associated with casual and outdoor wear, it can also work well for formal occasions. Pair your khaki trousers with a crisp white shirt for a refined, elegant look. Remember, the key to making khaki work for formal events is choosing high-quality pieces and pairing them with equally sophisticated colours.

Is khaki suitable for all seasons?

Khaki is an all-season colour. Its warm, earthy tone can complement a bright summer’s day or add a cosy touch to a chilly winter ensemble. Pair it with different colours for seasonal appeal: whites and blues for spring and summer, greens and burgundies for autumn and winter.

What are some styling tips for wearing khaki?

When wearing khaki, it’s important to consider the overall look you want to achieve. For a casual look, consider pairing khaki pants with a light blue shirt, white t-shirt or green top. For a more formal outfit, try khaki trousers with a grey blazer or white oxford shirt. Remember, the goal is to create balance in your outfit. Pair bold colours with khaki to make a statement, or use khaki to tone down more vibrant colours.

By: Stephen Antonio